Prime Q To Send Funeral Service Into The Cloud

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For those looking for a funeral director in Perth, and hoping for a more convenient way to set up your funerals, there’s some good news. Australian company and Oracle partner, Prime Q has recently just teamed up with Invo Care, the funeral, cemetery and cremation service provider. This partnership is set to have Invo Care move into the cloud, allowing it to provide its services to more people.

InvoCare is a major player in Australia’s funeral service market, being listed in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), operating 270 funeral locations, as well as 16 cemeteries and crematoria, not just across Australia, dealing with funeral director in Perth and across the country, but in Singapore, New Zealand and the United States as well.

The terms of the deal state that the two will partner up with each other as InvoCare works on updating and upgrading its IT operations in other to better provide quality service to its customers. The partnership has settled on an end-to-end Oracle Cloud platform for InvoCare that will act as a support framework for its front-end and back-end office ops. The five-year contract will also include ongoing technical support from PrimeQ.

The partnership, and the project that will be made primarily as part of it, will be aimed at delivering solutions for InvoCare’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) problems, fully-integrated for the company’s needs utilizing Oracle Cloud tech, all designed and implemented by PrimeQ.

The new initiative is set to go live soon, if the schedule holds, by the earlier half of 2018, and is aimed at improving InvoCare’s customer service quality.

The product suite set to be made as per the deal’s terms include CRM, financial and procurement management, transportation management, mobile cloud services, development and database cloud, and business intelligence, among others.

The deal’s details remain unknown, but according to Martin Earp, InvoCare’s CEO, the project is part of a $200M investment by the company in order to improve its infrastructure.

According to him, InvoCare chose PrimeQ as the partner for this deal due to having dealt with the company repeatedly in the past, meaning that both partners actually knew of each other and what was needed for the partnership.

The deal came a few weeks after PrimeQ announced its plans to build a South Australian cloud campus, which was followed by an announcement of the company’s plan to raise $10M on the ASX.

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Kamayan Book By A Travelling Chef Soon To Be Published

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When you read a cookbook, you might be expecting recipes and images of foods inside but what you might not be expecting is map illustrations. This is what you will get and more when the Kamayan book by a Filipino American chef is launched to the public. They are currently raising funds in order for the publication to push through. The Kamayan book will have stories as well as portraits of the people the chef has met during her travels. She started a project that aims to visit all 50 states in the United States of America which she was able to do within 52 weeks.

The chef, Yana Gilbuena, is currently on Kickstarter on order for her to have enough funds to publish her book entitled “No Forks Given: A Chef’s Quest to Spread Kamayan in America”. According to her, the book will not be like any other cookbook, it is not going to be simply a memoir nor a travelogue. It will also showcase a lot of what she has shown throughout her travel such as her faith, resilience as well as her belief in the good in everyone.

She explained that the book will tell about the communities that have helped her along the way and have contributed to her project in one way or another. It is her gift to the good people who have helped her while she was in America and whom she now considers a part of her family.

The book project by Gilbuena is considered to be a community project and majority of its members on the production team are Filipino Americans as well.

The video showcasing her project was made by Paper Tongue Productions which is owned by Michelle Sampior, Irene Yadao and Lisa Yadao. The finishing touches were made by Diana Park and Krystle Cansino.

Nicole Bonsol is the designer of the book and she is currently residing in Oakland, California. She is the one responsible for the entire creative look, the web design, songwriting as well as graphic design.

There will be map illustrations of each of the state in the book and the artists is Anthony Manal Castro together with MalakaGharib.

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Smart Glass For Sustainable Buildings

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New advancements in the production of glass have allowed mirror splashbacks to boost the sense of light and space in the kitchen. Latest techniques have produced mirrors with exceptional quality, clarity and reflectivity to suit any space. Aside from the home, glass is now extensively used for sustainable buildings that require the use of environmentally friendly designs and materials.

In the past, homeowners and businesses were satisfied with few and small windows. Nowadays, most buildings feature floor to ceiling glass façade coverage. However, large windows often pose a challenge in terms of heat loss that usually occurs through the windows. In a traditional building, heat loss through a window accounts for at least 10% to 25% of the total heat loss of a building. With roof and wall insulation, heat loss increases from 60% to 80%.

The solution is smart windows that change color and the amount of light emitted based on the changes in temperature. According to Professor Hujin Zhao, the director of Griffith’s Centre for Clean Environment and Energy of the Griffith University, the importance of windows must not be underestimated because it comprises a large portion of a building’s surface area in contemporary buildings.

Windows are an important factor in overall heat exchange. In order to reduce the heat exchange, the typical solution is HVAC but it accounts for 70% of the energy consumption of a building. In order to achieve a substantial reduction in the reliance on HVAC, Professor Zhao’s project will develop a functional nanomaterail as coating material. This will change the crystal structure of glass above the critical temperature to block heat coming from the outdoor environment that enters the building.

On the other hand, the coating will also prevent indoor heat to escape outside when the temperature drops below the given threshold. The application of a thin layer of coating on glass will partially control building temperature so that energy consumption can be reduced.

The use of glass is certainly one of the tricks used in the home to take advantage of natural light. In the kitchen, glass is also widely used in the mirror splashback to add a hint of glamour and maintain the simplicity of the kitchen.

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How To Hire A Contractor From Glass Shops

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If you are thinking about remodelling your home and replacing your glass implements, one of the services that you would require are those provided by installers and expert cutters from glass shops. You can find a lot of contractors on the internet or even in your locality but in order to hire the right service provider, take a look at these tips.

Check the contractor’s expertise 

Look for a contractor that has been in the industry serving their customers for more than 30 years; the longer they have been in the business, the better. This gives you the guarantee that they have already gained expertise in the glass industry over the years. When you consult an expert in the glass industry, you can be sure to get better advice on how to go about the project and even how you can materialize the project at lower costs.

More services offered

Another consideration in choosing a contractor among your local glass shops is the type of services that they offer. Choose a company that offers not just glass replacement and repair but other relevant services such as brand new installation, glass splashbacks, table tops, mirrors and many others.  This way, you no longer have to contact different service providers for your glass related needs.

Trusted in the industry

One of the major points in choosing a service contractor for glass services is the company’s reputation among its customers. You might want to read reviews and customer testimonials from the company’s website or from third party review sites which can be found on the internet. Another great source of information is forums and discussion boards online.

Affordable products and services

Quality always comes with price. However, there are simple ways to lower the costs of services from glass shops in your area. Hire a contractor that offers expert advice on how you can effectively save money on labour and materials. You may want to ask for cost estimates from different service providers for price comparison and to determine where you can get the service at a pocket-friendly price.


4 Insurance Selling Strategies That Work

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If you are in the insurance industry, it is important that you get your target sales for the period in order to stay on track. To achieve your targets, it is important to have the right insurance selling strategies but more importantly, it is essential to get the trust and confidence of your prospects in order for them to trust you with their money. Here are some ideas.

Know your prospect

Before meeting with your prospect, get as much information about the person such as if he or she is still single or married, the number of kids, paying capacities and other relevant information so you can easily offer the type of policy suitable to his or her needs. By knowing some background of your prospect, you would also avoid getting into topics which may be uncomfortable for him/her.

Arrive on time

One of the important insurance selling strategies is to arrive on time on your scheduled meeting with your prospect. Arriving on time only shows that you respect other people’s time. It also says so much about your character and values.

Listen more, talk less

You set a meeting with your prospective client to know what services you can render or the type of policy that best suits his needs. Thus, it would be best to listen to your prospects instead of talking more and pushing the product features as it would only make you sound so salesy. However, always be ready with potential questions. It is important that you are knowledgeable of the market and the industry in general. Take metal note of potential questions which might be asked by your prospect based on your conversation.

Talk causally

The more you try to sound so well-adept of the topic and the insurance industry, the more would sound off to your prospects. One of the most effective insurance selling strategies is to talk casually before your prospects like you would talk with a friend. Avoid jargons as it might mislead your prospective client. Instead, be straightforward in responding to questions and presenting how the policy can benefit your target.


4 Advantages Of zk’in Organic Products

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You can find a number of organic products in the market today. You can even find those that claim that their product is organic but upon close checking, you will be disappointed at their chemical components that can easily damage the skin instead of treating it. One way to ensure that you are going to use a safe and effective product is by choosing those that is trusted by more users and the authorities such as zk’in skin solutions.Here are some indications that you are buying a truly organic skin product.

Trusted and certified

The reason why you are buying organic products is because you want a chemical-free skin solution. You cannot have that if the product contains synthetic ingredients. Look for the COSMOS certified organic seal to be sure. COSMOS is the highest global standard in the cosmetic industry. They only provide certification on products that are proven and verified to be all-natural.


Choose a multi-awarded product because it means that it is vouched by experts in the industry. An award-giving body would not hand an award without verifying the authenticity and effectiveness of the product.

Dermatologically tested

Beauty products can be costly and if you are going to spend for it, you might as well choose those that can deliver what it claims. Find out if the product went through the rightclinical testing and extensive scientific research. Check for FDA seal to ensure that you are buying a safe and dermatologically tested product, such as zk’in. With the FDA seal, you can be sure that the product is tested for different skin types so you would be using a product that is specifically formulated for you and guaranteed safe for your skin consumption.

Ethically formulated

Organic products in the market such as zk’in comes with a certification and seal that no animals were harmed in its product research and manufacturing. This way, you can be sure that the product you are using to nourish your skin was ethically produced and with principled standards. Choose a product that is also proven to be earth-friendly.