Collaboration Between Moto Guzzi And Vanguard

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There is a visible increase in the custom sector thus it is only expected that collaborations are bound to happen. When something is hyped up, it is normal for everyone wanting to jump on the bandwagon. This is the best way for brands to create a campaign that will increase their visibility with their current clients and recommend their brand to new customers. They are trying to convey the idea that by wearing something that is trendy and mainstream, they will be able to receive approval and compliments. This is the same campaign followed by Moto Guzzi dealer in order to attract new customer base in trying their products.

Collaborations may be a very common thing nowadays but when it comes to motorcycles, many are willing to forgive the measure. This is what recently happened between Vanguard clothing, a brand from The Netherlands as they decided to create decent bikes to be utilized in their campaigns. They did not settle with fancy stickers but rather created their own.

The V8 Racer which followed the Moto Guzzi California with 1400 cc capacity was utilized back in the 1955 until the 1957 in the company’s campaigns. The sketch was made by Ganet Design and the design came to life through a custom shop in The Netherlands called Numbnuts Motorcycles. Guzzi V7 is currently celebrating its 50th year in the market thus Vanguard decided to create a riding jean. For this project, they hired the talent of behind GanetDesign which is none other than Ulfert Janssen to make a design for the bike.

For this project, Wrench Kings was given the honour to bring it to life and they were able to create the beautiful bike out of the collaboration. The blue denim and the colour palette of the bike were able to complement well which is evident in the resulting product. The Wrench Kings was also from The Netherlands and it is known to be comprised of skilled craftsmen.

Stock motor was used along with a single filter from K&N and the exhaust is stainless steel which serves a 2 in 2 purpose. The customized version will not be available in Moto Guzzi dealer but it will encourage clients to try the motorbikes from the brand.

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Great Ideas For Stone Vanity Wash Basins

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Stone basins are one of the most durable materials for vanity units. They can last for several decades and if you would maintain your stone vanity wash basins regularly, all the more they can stay appealing and functional for the longest time. Stones basins come in different forms. There are those that are porous such as limestone while there are granite that requires less polishing.

Stone maintenance     

Stones are naturally porous so they are vulnerable to stain and dirt build up. To prevent the accumulation of unsightly mildew and grime on your basin’s surface, apply stone sealing on your basin’s surface. The usual stone vanity wash basins offered in the market are not applied with stone sealing so you might want to purchase a sealer to prevent it from getting damaged against elements. You can find stone sealers in the market although the most utilized sealers are wax. Purchase the type of sealer that is suitable to your stone basin. For regular maintenance, stone sealers should be applied on your basin’s surface at least once a year.  However, even withyearly stone sealing, it would still be best to apply wax on your stone basin at least once a month.

To prevent dirt and mildew build up, wipe your basin dry with clean washcloth every after use. It would be harder to remove accumulated dirt on your basin and you would need special cleaning solutions if you allow dirt to penetrate and seep into your stone basin. Avoid exposing your stone basin to water bi-products such as calcium, salt, lime or strong detergents.

Regular cleaning

Cleaning a stone basin is simple and straightforward. All you need is a sponge or nylon brush together with a soapy wash cloth. Wash the basin with water to remove soap and detergent suds then dry the basin’s surface. To keep your stone basin serviceable for the longest time while keeping it appealing, wash and clean it on a regular basis to prevent hard water deposits and mildew or grime build-up.  Aside from regular cleaning of stone vanity wash basins, apply sealant and wax on its surface regularly.

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Brickworks Loses Out To Spanish Imports

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Houses in Western Australia are now constructed using imported roofing tiles from Spain. The same materials are used in re roofing in Sydney because Spanish imports are said to be much cheaper. The largest brick and tile manufacturer in Australia suffered massively that they have to implement local cutbacks thus losing around 130 employees in the process.

In the latest announcement made by Brickworks, the company was able to double their annual profit which amounted to $186.2 million for the previous fiscal year until July 31. This is despite the fact that the company has experienced a sudden decrease in their earnings in the Western Australia because of the slow market in home building.

In the last two years, the building approvals in Western Australia have been reduced by 40 per cent. With this, the manufacturing firm decided to shut down and postpone operation of their six plants in the south west of the State as part of the company’s restructuring plan. With this, they are able to meet the decreasing demand of the market for building products.

The company owns Austral Bricks located in Malaga and they have already shut down its factory. The Armadale plant, on the other hand, has been suspended for operation. After which, they decided to merge the two plants they have located in Bellevue and Cardup.

The saw mills owned by the company, Auswest Timbers, in Deanmillalong with the one in Pemberton have already been shutdown. Their processing facility in Manjimup has closed down but the operations of Bristile Roofing have been postponed for the meantime.

The company is struggling because they could not tap the market in Victoria and NSW despite the demand. They said that the cost of domestic freight is too high that it will not be viable to send tiles and bricks when the Spanish imports could cost them less.

This difficult time led to the cutbacks of 126 jobs in Western Australia. They are still hopeful for 2018 because their building products and tiles are still in demand to be use as re roofing in Sydney and they are hoping that the company will be able to adapt accordingly.


German Web Design Consultancy Releases Studies On Web Design

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Eye Quant, a web design consultant agency based in Germany, was founded in 2009. Recently, it has released an artificial intelligence-based study on websites across the internet in order to discover information that any web design firm such as Studio BKK would be interested in: what connects to visitors and what causes them to head for the ‘X’ faster than the alphabet.

The study, conducted utilizing AI, assigned websites something the company dubbed the ‘clarity score’, based on the cleanliness and simplicity of the design layout. The clarity score was lower for sites with a lot of clutter such as text, menu and ads, whilst minimalist sites recorded higher clarity scores.

Studying 300 websites from companies ranging from car rental agencies, electronic outlets, etc, the AI for the study assigned each site a clarity score, which EyeQuant then compared with data from web analytics site Alexa, which measured the bounce rate of websites, bounce rate being the term used to describe the percentage of visitors who immediately leave a site without interacting with anything, a measure that is undesirable for any web design firm like StudioBKK, or for any company running a website.

The study showed a clear trend, that bounce rates from more cluttered sites were notably higher than from clean, minimalist ones.

According to Fabian Stelzer, Eye Quant co-founder and CEO, the data was not only showing a clear trend, but was also extremely robust with the numbers. The study noted that their clarity score had a correlation coefficient, the measure of two variables association to each other, of -.57% out of a perfect -1.00%, meaning that clarity clearly showed a close association with bounce rate. Stelzer says that this is surprising, due to the myriad of reasons that a person can leave a site without ever interacting with anything.

Stelzer even shared some advice for web designers and companies about how to create a landing site that would be concise and informative.

  • Focus on what your business is selling, why customers should care and where do they go if they’re interested.
  • Carefully consider what’s to be included in the site.
  • Don’ have a site that changes a lot.
  • Have the company and site culture be open to changes.
  • Take an empirical approach, referring to data and scientific methodology.

3 Guides In Choosing Wall Art Online Printing Shop

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There are several ways to preserving a memory and of them is to have your photos printed on canvas to create a wall art for your home or office space. To convert an ordinary photo to long lasting work of art, look for a canvas printing shop that can do wonders for you and your photos. There are numerous canvas printing shops in your area and you can easily find them with the help of the internet. With all the service providers out there, choose one that has been in the business for several years and one with positive feedback from its customers. Aside from these, here are other points to consider in choosing a canvas printing shop.

Discounted or free shipping

Choosing a company that allows you to maximize your money’s worth. There are canvas printing shops that offer discounted shipping or delivery fees while there are also those that offer absolutely free shipping anywhere in Australia. No matter how small the shipping free may be, it would still be tantamount to savings if you can have the service without charge. For worldwide shipping, canvas shops generally require standard shipping fees.

Reasonable rates

If you want high quality wall art, do not look for the cheapest service but find out where you can get more value for your money. Look for packages and deals as a way to minimize your expenses including free extra services such as charge-free touch-ups and editing. There are also canvas art shops that offer money back guarantee and even lifetime guarantee on its products. Money back guarantee gives you the assurance that you will get an impressive canvas print, otherwise, you will get your money back.

Professional product delivery and handling

One way to find out if the wall art online company is professional is by looking at how the canvas shop responds to your queries. The customer service representative should be knowledgeable and courteous and should be able to provide sound advice when the customer needs service recommendation. Read customer feedback to find out how the company is in terms of handling their customers.


Sunrise Star Surprised By The Rental Price For Wedding Portaloos

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Everyone knows that weddings are not cheap as evident by the Sydney wedding planner and the number of suppliers and contractors the couple have to pay for. Paying for these are part of wedding planning but many would agree that chucking out a big amount just for the chance of having portaloos in the event might be too much for their pockets.

According to Edwina Bartholomew, the bride-to be who is also known as a presenter in Sunrise, she and Neil Varcoe who is the groom-to-be are quite surprised when they found out the amount they have to pay in order to rent toilets for their wedding day. The wedding is the following year and it will be happening at their property located in Lithgow.

Bartholomew called the amount insane because the portaloos cost almost $20,000 – a big amount just to use the bathroom. She said that the number of toilets does not matter because she still finds the amount too much.

She also disagreed to what other people are saying when they advised that having a wedding at your property is a lot cheaper because this is not the case for them. She disclosed that they will be paying the wedding as a couple and it is their call to spend on what they want and decide that there are things that should be compromised as well.

Bartholomew shared that the cost of the portaloos made them rethink their decision to get married and thought that eloping or marrying overseas would make much more sense.

She jokingly said that the amount could finance their Europe stay for a few weeks.

The wedding is not until the following year but she is already getting requests from colleagues as they wanted to visit their place. The wedding will be done as a weekend long event in Warramba, their property located in the country.

Aside from preparing for her wedding with a possible Sydney wedding planner, she is also busy for the upcoming Oxfam Trailwalker where they will walk 50 kilometres. The event started in 1999 and has raise over $74 million since.