Stricter Regulations On Credit Cards And Personal Loans In Thailand

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What do Cash loans (สินเชื่อเงินสด) mean when you apply for a cash card? It means that a Thai citizen can borrow a specified amount from a company. A cash card is issued to draw cash against an existing line of credit, up to a ceiling amount. Once the debt has been fully paid, the allowed withdrawable amount will be restored to the original balance.

The Bank of Thailand has tightened its rules applying to credit cards and personal loans in order to reduce overspending and household debts. The stricter regulations on unsecured loans aim to address the issues of the financially-vulnerable Thai households. According to Ruchukorn Siriyodhin, deputy governor that oversees the stability of financial institutions at the Central Bank of Thailand, young Thais have a high percentage of household debt, indebtedness and loan default.

The tightened regulations are aimed at striking a balance between accessibility to credit services and mindfulness on debt servicing. The maximum interest rates charged by credit card companies will be reduced to 18% from the current 20%. The new rates will apply for both new and existing cardholders to minimize the costs of acquiring a credit card.

For the new cardholder, the credit line will be limited at 1.5 times the monthly income per card for Thais who are earning from 15,000 baht to less than 30,000 baht per month. Those that are earning between 30,000 baht and less than 50,000 baht will be allowed 3 times the monthly income. Those earning 50,000 baht and more will be allowed a credit line that is 5 times their income per month.

If there is an emergency, the cardholder will be allowed additional credit that is 5 times the monthly income. Cardholders who already have 4 credit cards on the average can expect issuers to be more cautious about the issuance of additional cards.

It is very easy to obtain 5 times the amount of revenue through Cash loans (สินเชื่อเงินสด) with fair interest rates. The interest rate is further reduced depending on the cash that is used. If you use the cash card wisely, it will be very convenient to pay the monthly payment fees without affecting your financial stability.


Why Business Team Building Is Beneficial For Your Company?

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A worthwhile and effective exercise to increase productivity and efficiency is business team building for companies. That said, many entrepreneurs and business owners consider this concept with skepticism and disdain, even though it brings benefits to a team of workers.

From the biggest company to the smallest, teambuilding and downtime are important to bringing a team closer to one another, and making them work in unity and more closely. As a result, they create an impact towards the output of the team and efficiently achieve goals.

The teambuilding exercises come in a variety of forms and are greatly designed for business owners and their workers. Organizers of business team building exercises are perfectly dealing with entrepreneurs and how to handle their current skepticism and prejudice.

Teambuilding can be arranged in many various activities and hobbies like outdoor games as paintballing, white water rafting to orienteering. This can provide the team of employees on how they want to know each other and how it works. This can also strengthen bonds and friendships making a friendlier working environment.

From courses which last for a day to a week, business team building exercises are patterned to meet business needs, regardless of size and requirements. This should help come up with the best solutions for teambuilding within an organization.

The teambuilding can also make your workers closer to one another, as reflected in the approach. It is actually a significant investment for everyone, that can be worthwhile for the business.

While there are some business owners and entrepreneurs who still argue about the efficiency of teambuilding, it also has clear advantages in terms of morale and output when they engage in business team building processes. Whether you have a huge or small number of staff, this activity can be worth your money and time spent. Workers become more motivated and provide camaraderie within the business.

This business team building activity will have a great effect on your workers and customers as well. It can definitely boost the profits and perception of your business over time, and simply result on having your team of staff highly motivated and closer to each other.

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How To Select A Good Optometrist For Eye Care

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Taking care of eyes is very essential as they are your windows to the world. Finding a proper optometrist for regular check up is an important task. Here are some factors to look for selecting an eye doctor for you and your family. There are two types of eye doctors namely ophthalmologists who treat all types of diseases and perform surgeries, and optometrists who can treat eye diseases and give medications but do not perform surgeries.

The type of eye problem or the care needed is a good indicator for deciding on the type of eye doctor to be consulted. Professional optometrist in Engadine are the go to doctors for dealing with issues relating to examining eye sight, advising about spectacles and contact lenses and fitting the right lenses.

The availability of the professional optometrist is another factor to consider before deciding on a good eye doctor. The eye doctor should be available to consult easily in times of emergency conditions. Your preferred optometrist in Engadine should be able to schedule appointments at convenient times to suit your schedule. They should have highly efficient and experienced professionals and modern eye care equipments to examine your eyes and prescribe necessary treatment procedures.

A reputed optometrist in Engadine will be able to offer early detection of various eye disorders like short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism, Presbyopia, Amblyopia, colour blindness and eye co-ordination disorders.  All these disorders can be slowed down in progression or resolved completely by early detection and effective medication. The professional optometrist can also diagnose various eye diseases such as Glaucoma, Cataract, pterygia, Macular degeneration and vision problems induced by diabetes. A reputed optometrist will provide early inspection and treatment of all these diseases to improve the condition of the patient and prevent vision loss.

Selecting a professional and reputed optometrist in Engadine is essential for proper care of your eyes. They have sophisticated equipments and qualified professionals to take care of your eyes by detecting the problems at an early stage and prescribing necessary treatments and medications. They also stock many modern and high-end spectacles and lenses to suit the requirements and budget of various clients. Apart from medications, the professional eye doctors can also guide you on the required life style changes to deal with your condition.


How Cleanliness Can Be A Pest Control In Newcastle

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Pests are problems to most homeowners and business owners. They try to find ways to eradicate the common pests which can impose health hazards. However, if they like to use pesticides, they need to think several times. Using pesticides should be the last resort as it is also harmful not only to pests but to humans and their pets. A safer way to eradicate pests is to simply clean their surroundings and practice healthy living. If they can’t do it, let pest control in Newcastle do the extinguishing.

Using Hygiene as a Method of Pest Control

When homes and backyards are kept clean, pests have no food to feed and they have nowhere to live and breed; hence, you are left with few pests pestering your homes. Below are few suggestions on how you can practice good hygiene right in your own home.

  • After eating your meals, you need to clean up. Put all rubbish in the bin, wash and dry plates, glasses, cups, cooking pots and cutlery after usage.
  • Food scraps should be wrapped tightly in paper and placed in the bin.
  • Keep all the dining chairs, cupboards and floors always clean and free from food scraps.
  • Keep household appliances like stoves and refrigerators clean all the time.
  • Keep food in containers with tight-fitting lids
  • Ensure the toilet is clean and the water tank works properly
  • Ensure that all urine and faeces are out the pedestal pan and flush the toilet after usage. Toilet paper is the only type of paper you can flush down the toilet.
  • Make use of flyscreens to minimize pests from coming inside the house and seal holes around the pipes.

You don’t actually need pest control when you have practiced good hygiene in your home. The pests will likely not breed and live in your area, as they see it well maintained. However, failure to clean up all the mess can have them back feeding on whatever they can take hold. Do not wait for this to happen as it will entail more expense for a pest control in Newcastle to clean-up. However, it is good thing to have them check your house for pests once or twice a year.


World Economic Forum Reveals Large Gender Wage Gap

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Latin American women enjoy a lot of benefits and good attention, with dating sites like catering to them almost exclusively. However, a recent report from the World Economic Forum has outlined a sad fact, that these benefits do not include equal wages.

The 2017 Global Gender Gap is a report released by the World Economic Forum that reveals that, on average, women across the world receive wages that are approximately 32% lower compared to those of men. Even worse, is that certain countries, like Turkey the disparity is as big as 75%.

In response these revelations, the UN Women agency have taken on a new theme, “Press Progress”, in order to bring attention to the fact that these facts show that most of the world is still at least 200 years from gender equality, sad news for all women in the world, from those that use to those that work in government.

Per region, Western Europe had an average gender gap of 25%, North America recorded 28%, while Eastern Europe and Central Asia recorded 29%, and, finally, Latin America and Caribbean recorded an average of 29.8%. South Asia, meanwhile, recorded a difference of 34%, while North Africa and the Middle East recorded about 40%, on average.

Other sources also noticed the disparity, with India’s Monster and UK’s Trades Union Congress noting the same thing. For India, men earned at least 7.8% more, while in UK there was no specific percentage noted, but said that women in the UK work 67 days without pay yearly.

In the US, women of minority earn far less, with African American, Native American, and Hispanic women earning 60, 59, and 55 cents, respectively, for every dollar white men earn. Notably, Native American women are the demographic with the highest poverty rate in the country.

Of course, the report, which was released following International Women’s Day called for governments and employers to pay attention to the matter and take action in order to deal with the gender wage gap in the workplace. The TUC report also noted that, from 1997 to 2017, the gender gap has remained fairly consistent.


World’s Strongest Electromagnet For The Nuclear Project

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Electromagnets are magnets whose magnetic fields are produced through an electric current. When the current is switched off, the magnetic field disappears meaning that if the magnetic field is no longer required, it can be easily be switched off to give you more control over a project. The finest quality electromagnet in Brisbane from top manufacturers can be accessed through online magnet suppliers.

The process called nuclear fusion will provide power to cities with the same high energy explosions that power the heart of stars. According to scientists, nuclear fusion can produce massive amounts of sustainable and zero carbon energy. The new $30 million research initiative may finally succeed in creating this energy source into a widespread reality within the next 15 years.

Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have teamed up with Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) for the research project that could dramatically accelerate the technology of nuclear fusion. The project’s ultimate goal is to be able to build a compact and fully functional fusion reactor that they will call tokomak that could easily fit inside a truck and produce 100 million watts of power.

However, the first step is the creation of an extremely powerful superconducting electromagnet as a key component for the reactor. The MIT team hopes to finish the first stage of the project within the next 3 years through the support of the $30 million funding provided by CFS. Because of technology advances in superconducting magnets, fusion energy is within reach to create a safe and carbon-free world in the future.

Over the next 3 years, MIT will create electromagnets that are 4 times as strong as the magnets that were previously used in fusion experiments. New superconductive materials called yttrium-barium-copper oxide will be used in the magnets. The magnets will be installed in a prototype fusion reactor called Sparc.

To briefly explain the technology of electromagnet in Brisbane, it is constructed through the use of insulated wire that is wound into a coil. When current passes through the wire, it will create a magnetic field that is concentrated at a hole in the centre of the coil. The core is made from ferromagnetic material that creates a concentrate for the magnetic flux.