UK-Based Alan Boswell Group Acquires Sutcliffe Insurance Broker

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An insurance broker needs to be able to do a lot of things, generate leads not least among them. A good insurance broker needs to have a wide, comprehensive reach in order to properly accomplish this.

The Norwich, England based independent insurance brokers, the Alan Boswell Group, has made a move to increase their reach. In a deal whose important details remain hidden to the public, the Alan Boswell Group has acquired the Sutcliffe Solloway & Co. Ltd., which operates under the more known name as Sutcliffe Insurance Broker. This move effectively expands the Alan Boswell Group’s operations into Lincolnshire, England.

Additionally, it also increases the Alan Boswell Group’s gross written figure, increasing it to £90 million ($110 million), a £5 million increase from the pre-deal value of £85 million ($103.8 million). The company has made its statement regarding its growth, which has allowed it to establish itself as one of the biggest indie insurance brokers of UK, since its founding in 1982. The deal has not only expanded the reach of the Group, but has also increased the number of personnel under the group’s employ, adding an additional 25 staff members, who are currently located in the Sutcliffe offices in the Boston and Grimsby areas. This increases the Group’s number of employees to 325.

This recent development follows the trend set by the acquisition of S-Tech Insurance Services in the closing quarters of 2016, which happened in the Cambridge region.

The Sutcliffe Solloway & Co. Ltd was founded in 1977, and has since established itself as a reliable provider of a myriad of commercial insurance products. The company currently specializes itself in marine trade and heavy industry. Additionally, they also provide personal insurance, like home insurance, car, landlord, etc.

The Executive Chairman of the Alan Boswell Group, Alan Boswell, has expressed the company’s excitement for the development, stating the Group’s steady growth as a big factor in this decision. He states that Sutcliffe is perfect for their plans in expansions. Mr. Boswell states that the Sutcliffe provides complimentary services to theirs, helping the independent broker generate leads, take care of their customers, etc.


Invest Your Money In One Of The Finest Residence

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Looking for an investment that you can enjoy? Many of us are looking forward to the day that we can reap our years of sowing. We are eyeing that property that can let us enjoy our retirement without worrying that its value will depreciate. We research everyday how our hard-earned money will prosper and at the same time give you a lifestyle fit for a king. Let us try and list the things we need to consider before acquiring a property.

  • Return of Investment – is the property being purchased be profitable 10 or 20 years from now? Will it be marketable and easy to merit income?
  • Suit Your Taste – is this property your dream place, is it something that you would want to live for the rest of your life, build a family in? Would you need to redesign the entire place to suit your taste?
  • Commercial Location – are there enough establishments that you can go and use such, malls, pet shop, supermarket, gasoline station nearby?
  • Livelihood – can the place provide you with the bare necessities of life like work, source of income, food and a comfortable shelter?
  • Amenities – is there a local laundry shop, tailor shop or a gym or recreational center?
  • Community – is the place safe? Is it children friendly? Are the neighbors fun and inviting?
  • Discounts – surely acquiring a property that has not reach its peak potential will be offering discounts as compared to those that are now standing.

Really, there are a lot of these things to consider, you just won’t throw all the years of hardship just in to a property that can offer you less that what you deserve. Riviera Residence Phuket is pleased to announce that high living residences are now open for pre-sale. And because of that pre-sale prices are now available at a very discounted rate for those early riser buyers. You can now enjoy panoramic sea view from the property and enjoy the breeze of Andaman Sea. Relax is this paradise and enjoy the luxurious resort everyday complete with spa, swimming pool and top-notch restaurants. All those years of work will be finally paid off.


The Hazards Of Irresponsible Practices In The Workplace

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Nothing from its outside will give an onlooker a clue on what is happening inside an industrial building in Cornell Street. A signage says Mid America IBC, nothing else. Residents have no means of knowing about the hazards of the facility that recycles and refurbishes large chemical containers.

Neighbours of the industrial building cannot hear what Steele Johns, the safety manager of a Grief division is telling the safety consultants as he escorts them around the plant. Johns is extremely worried about many things particularly the unknown substances inside the drums. According to Johns, if you will look inside the drums, the hazard potential is very great and when it blows up, it can easily kill 8 people in a heartbeat.

The potential for explosion is not just a hypothetical threat because an explosion at a sister facility has killed Charles Duggan instantly. What is unsettling according to Johns is the lack of safety procedures when handling the drums. In the confidential consultation, Johns told the consultants that he has tried to make safety improvements but the company executives and managers did not take the safety procedures seriously.

Having worked as a paramedic in San Diego, Johns understands the importance of safety in the workplace. He is worried about the results if in case the workers unknowingly comingle the random chemicals inside the containers that are brought in for scrapping and reconditioning.

Grief Inc. has a long history in barrel and drum manufacturing until it expanded into recycling and reconditioning of drums. Grief has announced that each leader in their network is highly skilled and experienced in environmental practices but an investigation uncovered several wrong practices on the operations.

For example, the workers are wearing dust masks at the facility but the masks have no capability to filter dangerous gases. The facility is not complying with global safety standards.

The main reason why manufacturing plants must work with workplace health & safety consultants is to prevent any workplace accidents from occurring. A user friendly system can be designed to meet all the requirements of Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. It is worth noting that non-compliance will result into hefty fines and penalties.


Alibaba To Help Businesses In Australia And New Zealand

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Alibaba Group, the giant Chinese e-commerce site has launched a new base in Australia with a local office and expert team to help both Australian and New Zealand businesses in sharing their products with global consumers. Alibaba’s Melbourne office will be led by ANZ managing director Maggie Zhou and her team will provide support to 1,300 Australian and 400 New Zealand businesses that are selling through Tmall and Tmall Global.

The first step that the Alibaba Group undertook was to set up physical headquarters to ensure that Australian businesses will have the necessary support and information to succeed in China as well as the rest of the world. Alibaba emphasized that it wanted to deliver more than just e-commerce services Australia; the Chinese retail giant wanted to build an entire operating infrastructure that will help businesses expand globally.

Jack Ma had already met with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Sydney to discuss a proposal for the creation of an e-World Trade Platform (eWTP) so that small and medium sized enterprises will have more access to global economy through the internet. Ma has actually pushed for the creation of eWTP for the better part of the year. The platform has earned special mention in his official communication with the group of 20 nations after the meeting in Alibaba’s headquarters at Hangzhou, China last September. It was during this time when Prime Minster Turnbull visited the Alibaba headquarters.

Last year, Alibaba Cloud which is the clouding computing arm of the Alibaba Group, launched a data centre in Sydney. It also opened more than 1,000 brick and mortar stores in Australia and New Zealand that accept Alipay, the e-wallet payment app of Ant Financial. According to Zhou, there are plans for further expansion in travel and digital entertainment for Australia and New Zealand.

When you open a new office in different location, you will require the services of office fitouts in Canberra to create an office design that complements the working environment. A team is prepared to help from start to finish so that design and décor will create a positive impression.

Home Improvements Tips

Boiler Maintenance Tips From Glow Flow Ltd

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Boilers and heating systems are important aspects of the house especially during winter r cold season. Having a heating system that is not functioning right during the winter is unimaginable. Because of this, it is only right to regularly maintain your heating system to keep it in good shape and also to avoid unnecessary and costly boiler repairs. Experts from heating companies such as Glow Flow Ltd have these maintenance tips for boilers and heater system owners.

Annual service check

Boilers should be checked at least once a year by a qualified engineer even if it is working properly. The engineer will check the service parts and clean the important components of the boiler. Schedule the maintenance checks before the winter to ensure that your heating system will function properly when it is needed the most. Only hire an engineer who is listed on the Gas Safe Register.

Turn on the heater

Even if it is not the winter season, it is important for your boiler to be used for at least 10 to 15 minutes every now and then even on a summer. According to the qualified engineers of Glow Flow Ltd, this will keep boiler in proper condition since boilers unused for longer periods can seize up.

Check the pressure regularly

One important component of boilers is its pressure. The pressure can lose over time and will affect the boilers performance. Make it a point to check the pressure gage regularly and to top it up when needed. You can refer to the manual if you are not sure how to do it or better yet, ask a qualified boiler engineer on how to adjust gauge.

Be wary of warning signs

Boilers would normally give out warning signs when something is wrong with it. If you hear unusual sound such as clunking in the appliance or if there are leaks, cracks or it is emitting soot, it could be a sign that there is something wrong with your heater. Call a qualified technician at Glow Flow Ltd to check the appliance before the damage worsens.

news Real Estate

Land & Houses Scales Down Budget From 2016

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Land & Houses (L&H) is minimizing its capital-expenditure (capex) budget to THB 11 billion for 2017 compared to THB 14 billion from last year. Likewise, it is downsizing to a THB 26 billion pre-sales target compared to THB 28 billion in 2016.

The company’s aim for this year

The company has a goal to have THB 31 billion in total sales for this year and a THB 3.15 billion rental income coming from its 4 apartment buildings in the US and its 4 hotels located in Bangkok.

About THB 7 billion is going to be allocated for purchasing new land nationwide, and THB 4 billion for developing the rental properties, which include the shopping mall Terminal 21 Pattaya and the hotel mixed-use plan, according to what Adisorn Thananunnarapool, L&H’s managing director, mentioned in a recent press conference.

In 2016, seventy percent of the company’s capex budget was allocated in developing the rental properties and purchasing land.

It has already scheduled 12 residential project developments amounting to THB 14.9 billion this year, where nine are going to be situated in Greater Bangkok, and the remaining are going to be in Thai provinces. Seven projects are for the detached houses, four are for the townhouses, three are for the condos.

In order for the company to support its plan, it is going to raise funds through the issue of debentures amounting to a minimum of THB 10 billion. The company is going to sell its Grande Center Point Ratchadamri hotel. This transaction is estimated to close during the year’s first half.

AP Thailand’s future plans

AP Thailand is also planning to start 20 residential projects amounting to THB 35 billion. Eight are going to be for detached houses amounting to THB 8 billion, nine are for townhouses amounting to THB 7 billion, and three are for condos amounting to THB 20 billion.

Its chief executive officer Anuphong Assavabhokhin mentioned that the country’s real estate fundamentals currently are not too negative even with the project launch drop-off in the past years.

There are signs of the situation going back to normal for consumer confidence and marketing activities, which is why there is demand for current properties, such as Pattaya property for sale, and their numerous upcoming projects are in the works.