Is Brook linen The Best Bed Sheet?

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There are some people who have trouble sleeping and having a good night’s sleep seems impossible. There are many ways they can try such as altering their sleep cycle, prescription drugs or melatonin. Some times as simple as the bed sheet can make a difference. Too often, people settle with cheap bed sheets set that do not help with their sleeping problem. This is why Brook linen introduced their line of bed products.

Brook linen is a startup company that ventured into producing bed sheets which are not only high quality but very affordable as well. The company was established in 2014 and recognized as the first company to offer triple-A quality bed sheets. Their business model follows direct selling to consumers.

Majority of companies selling bed sheets are showing off the thread counts but it is actually a marketing ploy. The main difference with Brooklinen is the comfort it provides and the material used is a big factor. Brooklinen uses long-staple cotton while many companies employ short-staple cotton simply because it is cheaper.

The fibre of short-staple cotton is more likely to come out of the weave which results to uncomfortable and scratchy sheets. Long-staple cotton, on the other hand, have long fibres that stay intact in the weave thus the resulting fabric is soft and smooth as silk.

Some manufacturer uses poor quality threads in large quantities in order to create stronger fabric. While the fabric is stronger this way, it makes the sheet heavier and the texture becomes coarse. It will never give you the light and airy feeling that you are looking for in sheets with multi-ply. Brooklinen is known to make sheets with single-ply yarn only because the result is lighter and softer.

For consumers, they have been programmed to think that bed sheets with higher thread counts are the best. This is a misconception because it has been proven as a marketing ploy by bed sheet manufacturers. It does not mean that the cost is a determining factor too because cheap bed sheets set can be better than expensive brands in terms of quality.

Incubation Facility Service Tips

India’s Alia Orchid Care Has A New Incubation Facility

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India’s Alia Orchid Care has recently announced a new, Post Entry Quarantine (PEQ) incubation facility for Mangaluru’s plants, making it the first company in the whole district to have received official authorization to purchase flowers from Thailand orchid exporters and the like and import species and other plant varieties from across the globe.

This new PEQ facility will be the proper environment for the proper observation and incubation of plants immediately after their importation into India. Following their stay in the PEQ facility, the plants are then released, given that they have received the appropriate authorization from the relevant departments, which certifies the plants’ state of health and lack of any diseases or infections, following an observation period of at least 45 days, 60 at max.

Alia Orchid Care owner, Lasrado says that it has always been a dream to bring in live orchid plants directly imported from the far-east, from Asian, Philippine, and Thailand orchid exporters, among others, who are capable of growing superior quality orchids en masse. A common issue with importing to India with the past was that plants imported from neighbouring states would be infected, which not only made them worthless, but turned them into liabilities, as their infections would then spread rapidly to other plants and ruin them.

Diseases and issues towards plants like plant feeding insects such as scale, mealybugs, spider mites, white flies and others. Plants can also be damage by diseases, like Erwinia and Rhizoctonia, among others. Orchid hobbyists and florists face these notable issues, on top of the plants being rare and usually unavailable in the country, which results in additional pricing stacked on top of the already expensive orchid pricing.

Alia Orchid Care, in the past, used cultivated hybrids from younger plants in the seedling stage, and nurtured to the flowering stage, but only on the small scale. This new PEQ incubation facility will allow Alia to import superior quality Orchids and grow them. Currently, Alia Orchid Care has about 5,000 orchids growing.

Reportedly, Alia Orchid Care’s end plan is to create a tissue culture lab for the germinating orchids, which will make orchids available to the Indian public at lower prices.


Asia-Pacific Will Witness Battle Among Skilling Accountants

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For accounting professionals who have been in the field for a time, their worries lies with chartered accountant insurance as well as getting clients. In the Asia-Pacific, new accounting standards have been implemented which is expected to keep accountants busy the whole year round. In order to give strategic advice, accountants must have leadership skills, can make good judgments concerning a business and must be proficient in data analytics. While competition has always been present, it is tougher than before.

For 2018, there will be an increase in demand for accountants based in the countries within Asia-Pacific. This is due to the increase in growth not just regionally but globally as well. Businesses are also handling more data than ever and there is some changes with regards to global financial reporting standards.

According to International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook of 2017, there will be growth in China as well as emerging countries in Asia. The growth is estimated to be around 6.5 per cent in 2018 and might even exceed this number.

This is why this is a good time for professionals skilled in handling finances of huge corporations – the same ones that are tasked to give strategic advices and utilize large volume of data in order to benefit the business.

Growth will not only be evident in large companies because two years ago, the Asia-Pacific small business survey conducted by CPA Australia revealed that small business located in countries such as New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and mainland China will also show growth. This is a good year for companies that are specializing in export, e-commerce, innovation and social media.

According to Ivan Au FCPA, who is the president of Greater China Division under CPA Australia as well as assurance partner working for PwC China and Hong Kong, they are monitoring the developments in mainland China and in Hong Kong and they are positive about the future of the accounting profession in these regions.

Au said that there is an increase in recognition of the valuable skills that a CPA could offer thus it is the best time for professionals to look for new opportunities. Before starting out with any tasks, getting chartered accountant insurance and other insurance policies is recommended to protect their finances as well as their business.


4 Excellent Features Of Sukhumvit Soi 11 Hotels

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One of the things that Bangkok prides of is its string of luxurious yet affordable hotels in its commercial districts. You will find a vast array of modern Sukhumvit Soi 11 hotels and other popular hotel chains in the area where you can hold your business functions and personal events or for enjoyment purposes during holidays. Hotels around Sukhumvit are competitive in price and this is to the advantage of potential guests like you. When looking for a hotel in Bangkok, consider the following tips.

Function and meeting rooms

The type of meeting room that you choose will largely influence the output of your meeting. It is important that you invite your business partners or team mates to a conducive venue complete with facilities such as white board, projector and outlets, among others. Function rooms are also suitable for presentations, corporate events and you can also have them for special occasions such as birthdays and wedding receptions. If you can, visit the venue personally or send the hotel an email for your requirements. The good thing about having your meetings in hotels is you no longer have to worry about overflowing coffee and food as you can just order them from the hotel.

Contemporary rooms 

There are a lot of Sukhumvit Soi 11 hotels for you to choose from but go for one where you can be most comfortable with due to their upscale amenities. The rooms should also be secure using key cards and double locks. There are hotels with connecting rooms which is ideal for families or groups. Book in a hotel with high-speed internet and workstations.

Spa and wellness 

While it is enjoyable to tour around Bangkok, it can also be tiresome. For this, book in a hotel with spa and treatment centre where you can get the rest and relaxation you deserve after a long day. Most hotels in Bangkok offer traditional Thai massage.

Online booking

To make the entire experience at Sukhumvit Soi 11 hotels convenient, choose a hotel that offerseasy booking experience to their customers. Book in a hotelthat uses SSL encryption and electronic payment.


What Social Media Courses Are Suitable For Busy Entrepreneurs?

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Busy entrepreneurs need constant advice and must-have lists. They have products and services that persuade you to need them in your life’s existence. However, this time, information is given out for business owners. It is a must for any business to have digital presence or online websites. The business that manages to use social media efficiently will be the business that will stay in the near future. This is why social media courses can help neophytes or beginners in their business venture.

Since 2016, spending more on web content and social media have gone faster than other channels related to the previous period, as based from many business trends. What this implies is having the entrepreneurs go back to school and learn how business can profit and grow through effective social media strategy. You may even enjoy these top social media courses for business owners.

  • Alison’s Diploma in Social Media Marketing

This is a free online option about 15 to 20-hour courses. One can learn applications and concepts of social media marketing and the abilities to plan and employ a successful social media marketing strategy. Discussed in these social media courses are affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media tools like Twitter, blogging and podcasting, and how to utilize Facebook for business pages.

  • Boot Camp Digital

This is online social media courses composed of 75 to 90-minutes sessions costing $27 per class. It’s used by the likes of the Better Business Bureau, NASA and Procter & Gamble. They offer person-to-person individual and advanced courses specific to every major social media networks, internet marketing and strategies.

  • Udemy Social Media Marketing 2016

It’s an extensive course for all skill levels under the SO ME Academy. They now have 16,425 students enrolled in the course. You can access unlimitedly 80 lectures telling you how to use Facebook and Twitter for blogging. There’s also content marketing, YouTube, G+ and social media automation. Here you learn to understand content marketing and create a social media strategy.

  • Udemy Inbound Digital Marketing Course

This is HubSpot Academy social media courses where one is taught about the fundamentals of inbound marketing spending 5 hours of instructions for 37 lectures. Students learn to manipulate SEO, blogging, conversion, landing pages, email marketing and lead nurturing for modern inbound marketing techniques.

Bar news Service Tips

Thai Café Keeping Up With Their Tradition

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Bangkok, Thailand is known for its nightlife and along with it are beers and liquors. There are many bars and clubs in the city such as the Sky Bar in Bangkok which is the go-to place of many locals and tourists looking for a place to unwind at the end of the day. Café de Bangkok located in Fort Collins, on the other hand, has a unique tradition which is why many consider it as a sacred place.

One of the most notable things about the café is that their cooks are native Thai. The eatery is located in 1232 W. Elizabeth Street and it always gives off a nice aroma of homemade curries while Thai pop music can be heard at all times.

Aspiring cooks are given a test before they can use the kitchen of the café. The test includes making curry, spicy salad as well as stir fry – all from scratch.

According to NattatidaDumrongpalasit, also known as Kae, she wants the eatery to retain its authenticity. They want people who have been to Thailand to recognize the resemblance.

Due to its high standards, the restaurant has loyal customers and has gained a name in both Yelp and TripAdvisor. The kitchen is always busy with only five staffs working together that during weekends they do not pick-up the phone to manage the orders of customers on the site.

Another thing worth knowing is that the Thai eatery comes with no liquor license because their menu does not offer alcoholic beverages. They wanted to reduce the table waiting time and alcoholic beverages will encourage customers to stay longer which makes it hard for diners to get an available table.

Kae is happy with the restaurant’s reputation ever since it launched in 2011.

WichayaneeChayangkura Brown used to be the owner of the establishment which is then called The Bangkok Kitchen.

The head chef of the café is RamratWiratpintu who is a native of Bangkok. He got his cooking skills from his grandmother. Their customers would be happy to visit Thailand and taste the same dishes they are eating back home. They can also experience the nightlife of Bangkok or settle with Sky Bar in Bangkok for a quieter evening.